Why are house prices so expensive here compared to the GTA? Why does fighting anti-Black racism benefit everyone? How can I do my part for climate justice? Is my neighbour allowed to rent their basement? Who are some local artists I can support? You got questions? We got answers.

The Peel Matters team works hard to answer your questions relating to anything and everything that matters to you. From after school programs, to services available to families, to local artists, to policies and issues that affect us on a daily basis. There are no answers we won’t explore. Send us your questions, we’ll give you answers that matter, Peel Matters. Send your questions to [email protected].

From a wide range of disciplines and experiences, the Peel Matters team include Ryan Gurcharn (Producer/Host), Jaya Mootoo-Szpulewski (Mondays’ Host), Anu Radha Verma (Tuesdays’ Host), Bill McBain (Wednesdays’ Host),, Michelle Bilek (Thursdays’ Host) & Pranav Bakaraju.

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