Canadian icons Ed the Sock & Red return to the airwaves to do what they does best – call out foolishness. No target is off limits, from politics to pop culture, as Ed & Red navigate our mad mad world and cut to the heart of news and issues with sharp wit and critical thinking. Plus, visits from Ed’s friends from the worlds of TV, music and film and an open line for callers. Ed the Sock Lives – and we need him now more than ever!

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    Norman Bloom

    Ed The Sock what can I say about this individual cloth. I used to watch him every friday night on City Tv back when the TV station was any good. i don,t watch City anymore except for the news.
    It used to be a good alternative when Moses was in charge. Not anymore.
    Ed is out spoken and says it like he sees it. I wish that he was more than a sock, but he is funny and opionated matial.
    I haven,t heard anyone like him on radio before. I like him as he is.
    I have to say that I haven,t listened to him for a while and forget when and where he is on. I shall make sure to listen to him.

    He does cut those he talks about down to size no matter who they are. He,s better than some politicians I know. I shall vote for him to be Prime Minister if he runs.
    he is always surrounded by beautiful women….

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