“Who Does Improv Anyway?” is your access to unpredictable fits of laughter! This is a wild, unscripted, wacky, hilariously side-splitting improv comedy show where our star performers take part in various silly games that will keep you in stitches…and possibly cause them to need stitches. Each show is recorded in front of a live audience, and we just know these professional improvisers (professional in comedy & nothing else) will have you rolling over a barrel with laughter – if you don’t have a barrel they will put you in the mood to go find one.

The friendly, yet harsh critic, Matthew Duffy hosts and awards each participant a score of 1 to 100, in each game, for their comedic abilities. Matthew then totals up their points and the performer with the highest score at the end will be crowned the winner of the night (& the greatest achievement of their lives)! After each improv showcase showdown, we will also have our funnybones tickled a bit more with a performance from a stand-up comedian.

You might be asking yourself, “self, who does improv anyway”? See what we did there? The answer is simple, these jokers do! The regular star performers: Matt Baram (@mattbaram), Brandon Craggs (@bradon_craggs), Jwalit Bharwani (@jwalitbharwani), Noelle Gibbs (@noellegibbscomedy) & their back-up goalie Andy Brown (@andybrown4real). There will also be guest performers, from time to time, to step into the shoes of these yahoos. The show will make you laugh until it hurts…but don’t worry, they all are medically licensed in comedy so the pain is worth it. Tune in every Thursday at 8pm.

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