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It’s Not Therapy

Feeling stuck, unmotivated, anxious, frustrated, or just plain ‘blah’? With mental health services stretched beyond capacity, and people experiencing historical levels of isolation, it’s time for an innovative strategy for overcoming everyday problems.

It’s Not Therapy! is that strategy – a radio, streaming, and podcast show that offers life skills supports for busy people!

It’s Not Therapy! Is hosted by Liana Kerzner, a professional communicator who offers a friendly ear and solutions that can bring swift, positive results. And because these are skills everyone can use, both solution-seekers and listeners benefit!

How exactly does this work? Each show revolves around a topic to generate discussion, with information, sometimes interviews, and email and call-in questions.

The topics It’s Not Therapy! covers include:

  • The positives of “negativity”
  • The problem with “normal”
  • Healthy sexuality
  • What anxiety is telling you
  • Modern dating sucks
  • Masculinity, femininity, and individuality
  • Anger is okay
  • I love my family and they’re driving me crazy!
  • They’re a great friend, but…
  • What it’s like to have autism
  • Do we overuse the term “addiction”?
  • Is social media making you antisocial?
  • Being depressed vs having depression
  • I love my job. I hate my coworkers.
  • How to make positive mistakes
  • What your fantasies are really telling you
  • When empathy hurts

Of course, the questions don’t have to match the topic. Anything goes! Liana will empathize, validate, and offer solutions to people’s problems with self-compassion exercises, achievable goal setting, self-care, and personal boundary setting, and give them tools they can apply immediately.

It’s a new twist on the old school advice column. It’s the right fit for the realities of today. It’s effective. And It’s Not Therapy!

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