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TIPS by Crimestoppers

TIPS By Peel Crime Stoppers is the first show of Its kind! Every Monday at 7PM, join your host Brendan
as he takes you in depth about the Peel Crime Stoppers organization and their work in the
community to create awareness about crime and safety and giving people the tools to protect

This show will educate listeners about how Peel Crime stoppers has been helping the community for
over 20 years. Many people may know the name Crime Stoppers but not everyone knows exactly what
they do. Crime Stoppers is a non-profit, community-based charitable program involving the co-
operative efforts of the community, the media and the police in the fight against crime. Crime Stoppers
encourages the public to call with information concerning crimes that have been committed, are being
committed or are about to be committed. A civilian led Board of Directors provides direction as to the
financial and promotional activities of the program.

Tips by Peel Crime Stoppers will help demonstrate the impact they have had in communities not only in
Peel region but local communities across North America with the other Crime Stopper chapters.

Every week, Tips by Peel Crime Stoppers will provide crucial and relevant information in the areas of
crime and crime prevention. Segment one will talk about any Peel Crime Stoppers discuss crime trends
that are happening around the community and key information you need to know to protect yourself
and reduce your chances of becoming a target. Tips by Peel Crime stoppers works in partnership with
the Peel Police to ensure our information is up to date and coming directly from the men and woman of
law enforcement who work in the community every day.

Each week, we want to better inform our listeners with guests affiliated with the areas of crime
prevention. Whether it be from Crime Stoppers organization directly, the media, or the police, you
won’t want to miss the great insight they have to provide. Lastly, the show will arm you with important
tips that will help ensure safety for yourself and your loved ones. For more information in Peel Crime
stoppers connect with us at or call 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). Or each us
through our social platforms on FacebookTwitterYoutube or Instagram.

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