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Ringside Heat

If you’ve ever considered signing up for yoga classes at a specific studio in Vaughan, interrupted someone by yelling out the word “What?” after each short phrase, made a joke about only being able to see a floating baseball cap, t-shirt and jean shorts, or smelled what was cookin’, you’re probably someone who has enjoyed the world of professional wrestling.

Ringside Heat is the newest wrestling show on the GTA airwaves. We give our fair and honest opinions on what’s happening in the major leagues of professional wrestling. We will also give a voice to those in the local wrestling scene, local podcasters, musicians and others who make the GTA one of the best markets to experience pro wrestling in all of North America.

So raise your index fingers in the air and yell out “Yes!” and tune in to Ringside Heat Saturdays at 9 PM and Sundays at 6 PM!

Hosted by Lex Tan.

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sushilsankwal sushilsankwal

sushilsankwal sushilsankwal

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