A high profile businessman and political strategist, Brian Crombie brings his straightforward and highly informed perspective to his show – The Brian Crombie Hour – on Sauga 960AM Monday – Fridays 6-7 pm.

His vast experience working on Federal, Provincial and Local politics and at the high levels of the business world, Brian gives us a glimpse inside the political war rooms and behind the boardroom doors. A man constantly on the move, Brian easily navigates between issues here in Canada and abroad.

While politics and business dominate his time, Brian also explores his other great interest, The Arts. Whether its politics, business or the Arts, there will be no shortage of guests for his weekly roundtable. Politics of the day, emerging businesses, Economic issues or the hottest trends in the Arts- they will be all under Brian’s microscope to get his own political opinions and thoughts. Every hour will end with a robust round table debate with an incredible array of guests from all across the political, business and arts spectrum.

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