What is The Playbook?

What – “The Playbook” elevates the everyday skills that every professional needs. From Zoom calls that drag on too long to presentations that have no point, we’ve been asked to be amazing at every part of our workday.

And then not given the tools to succeed.

“The Playbook” is a feature-rich radio show that shows every listener how to effectively use the most important (and misunderstood) tools in business to become better colleagues and leaders.

Every episode tackles one specific tool – video calls, personal brands, feedback, recognition, and shows the audience the perspectives and shortcuts of how to effectively use the tools. There are fascinating stories, intriguing research, a listicle of ideas, plus the personal Playbook of an expert guest who talks about how they personally succeed with the topic.

Master the tools that guide your career – it’s all in every episode of The Playbook.

Who – Hosted by Jason Thomson and Jenn Glynn.

Where speakupgetresults.com/theplaybook: A web home for streaming, tools and more.

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