Everyone has stuff…. Everyone has stuff whether its an item that their aunt Eunice left them or a collection that their that husband collected over the last 40 years that has taken over the basement ..and garage ….rented locker.

Consignment Heroes is for anyone who has “stuff” that they are not using anymore and want to know what it might be worth…. and if it is worth anything, how can they sell it. Join Storage Wars Canada star Paul Kenny will share stories about the stuff he has come across in decades in the “stuff” business- the interesting ways people have acquired their stuff or how Consignment Heroes can save the day.

If you have gold or silver items, this is the right show for you as we will help prevent listeners from getting ripped off. We will tell you exactly what your valuable gold and silver items are worth.

We know you have stuff and we want to also help you downsize. Tune in for downsizing tips. And how downsizing can sometimes turn your junk into dollars. Consignment Heroes is an informative hour with a whole lot of common sense thrown in. We may not guarantee that all or any of your stuff is worth anything but we can guarantee you will have a laugh or two finding out.

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