Everyone needs help. Some more than others, but we all share the need for that little extra attention to our problems, concerns or hangups. In these uncertain times, we need experts who we can rely on to help us navigate through all the anxiety, uncertainty and stress we now face on an unprecedented daily basis. Starting April 20th, we will have a resource to turn to. Help Me Sara hosted by psychologist and best-selling author Sara Dimerman brings her insightful and expert perspectives to Sauga 960AM Mondays at 3p.

An accomplished author and media personality, Sara will connect with other experts in the mental health care field, on subjects related to their expertise and what the audiences have asked for, while also reaching out to people who are willing to share their personal stories of struggle and success.

Help Me Sara will be an interactive opportunity to pull up your own couch in the comfort of your home to seek the advice you want and sometimes need.

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