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Records & Rockstars

Records & Rockstars is a radio series created and hosted by the well voiced and well-informed champion of all great music – Jeff Woods.  It’s a spin off of his acclaimed first book (now available in audio book format) and his former series Legends of Classic Rock.  In a nutshell, Records & Rockstars is Jeff Woods talking about music and

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Ed & Red

Canadian icons Ed the Sock & Red return to the airwaves to do what they does best – call out foolishness. No target is off limits, from politics to pop culture, as Ed & Red navigate our mad mad world and cut to the heart of news and issues with sharp wit and critical thinking. Plus, visits from Ed’s

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Josh Holliday Live!

Josh Holliday Live! is Talk That Rocks. Watercooler talk without the watercooler, locker room talk without the misogyny, coffee talk with ALL the caffeine. In depth interviews. Commentary. Laughs. Taking your calls live. Got a beef you want amplified? Use Josh’s megaphone to get it out there. No whacked-out conspiracy theories.No alternative facts.Just real talk. The goal: authenticity, humour,

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It’s Not Therapy

Feeling stuck, unmotivated, anxious, frustrated, or just plain ‘blah’? With mental health services stretched beyond capacity, and people experiencing historical levels of isolation, it’s time for an innovative strategy for overcoming everyday problems. It’s Not Therapy! is that strategy – a radio, streaming, and podcast show that offers life skills supports for busy people! It’s Not

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Ringside Heat

If you’ve ever considered signing up for yoga classes at a specific studio in Vaughan, interrupted someone by yelling out the word “What?” after each short phrase, made a joke about only being able to see a floating baseball cap, t-shirt and jean shorts, or smelled what was cookin’, you’re probably someone who has enjoyed

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