Urban Zoo-2021-11


Each week Urban Zoo host Bill McBain welcomes vets, care-givers, researchers, spiritual leaders, suppliers, enforcement officers, pet-lovers and companions, etc., who share their stories and expertise. There is cuteness, joy, practical advice, expert insight and probing into some uncomfortable and challenging corners of our relationship with animal life.Biped-quadruped, carnivore-herbivore-omnivore-insectivore, invertebrate-vertebrate,…

Peel Weekly


A Sauga 960 AM evening feature, Peel Matters is the only show which discusses subject matter specific to the region of Peel. Notable guest co-hosts include: Mayor Bonnie Crombie, Mayor Patrick Brown, City Councillor Carolyn Parrish, MP Garnett Genius, the Minister of families, and social development associate, Jean-Yves Duclos. Bill…