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Ringside Heat

If you’ve ever considered signing up for yoga classes at a specific studio in Vaughan, interrupted someone by yelling out the word “What?” after each short phrase, made a joke about only being able to see a floating baseball cap, t-shirt and jean shorts, or smelled what was cookin’, you’re probably someone who has enjoyed

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The Brian Crombie Hour

A high profile businessman and political strategist, Brian Crombie brings his straightforward and highly informed perspective to his show – The Brian Crombie Hour – on Sauga 960AM Monday – Fridays 6-7 pm. His vast experience working on Federal, Provincial and Local politics and at the high levels of the business world, Brian gives us a glimpse inside the

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Urban Zoo

Each week Urban Zoo host Bill McBain welcomes vets, care-givers, researchers, spiritual leaders, suppliers, enforcement officers, pet-lovers and companions, etc., who share their stories and expertise. There is cuteness, joy, practical advice, expert insight and probing into some uncomfortable and challenging corners of our relationship with animal life.Biped-quadruped, carnivore-herbivore-omnivore-insectivore, invertebrate-vertebrate, pet-working or livestock, tame-feral, on wings-foot-hoof or fin: Peel

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The Marc Patrone Show LIVE

Weekday afternoons, veteran journalist and former CRTC Commissioner Marc Patrone confirms political, news and business commentary can often be funny, insightful and entertaining. He takes a biting, timely and often-satirical view of our elected officials, uncovering the latter as flawed, misguided and selfishly power-hungry individuals. Marc examines trends by looking beneath the headlines to inform Canadians in

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Parvasi Radio

Radio Parvasi is a popular program due to its unique content. The program begins at 11:00 am with Shabad (religious song). After weather and traffic reports, latest in Canadian and international news is covered at 11:30 am. This live news segment is broadcast from Chandigarh, India. A series of important personalities are interviewed on Radio Parvasi every day. These include

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