Relationships can be complicated. Unfortunately, you sometimes need a rocket scientist to find the solutions.

Enter Scott Madore. He isn’t a rocket scientist but he is a sort of a relationship whisperer. Scott is a relationship coach and cheerleader. But more importantly, he is a great listener. He understands relationships can be complicated but he also knows they can be worked on and worked out.

This show is meant to inspire people to live happier lives and ultimately happier relationships. The show will talk about all kinds of relationships, hookups, marriages and everything in between. Scott has helped hundreds of people improve upon their relationship situations.

Whether you’re a woman trying to better understand the male point of view, or a man who wants to know how to talk to and treat a lady the right way, there is plenty of valuable information packed into this show. This is why Scott is here to give people hope and demonstrate that their relationships are not always as complicated as they think.

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