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I watched my first professional sports broadcast when I was nine years old, and since then, I’ve wanted to do it myself. The passion, emotion, and knowledge of calling games is the coolest job in the world to me.

To say that I love hockey would be an understatement. I could correctly tell you the jersey number and the shot handedness of any player I’ve ever watched, test me! When I’m not on the Steelheads broadcast, I’m anchoring the evening show at CityNews 680. I love being on the mic, it fulfills and excites me. This industry really keeps you on your toes, knowing that so many rely on your information to be accurate, informative, and entertaining.

I always put myself in the listener’s shoes, and I’ll always show up to the rink with a smile, talk to anybody who will give me the best information and stories to share with you on air, and give you what you what you need to know about the Steelheads and OHL hockey, with a few jokes sprinkled in.

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