This hot new podcast is perfect for when you need a moment of levity while commuting, at your desk during a slow time at work, cooking for the 350th time in a day, on the treadmill, while cleaning, or really any time you want to pop on your buds and escape the real world.

Our podcast is driven by women, addressing topics that are most relevant to your daily life from the kitchen to the bedroom, let’s start living our best life!

From the minds and mouths of Tracy and Lesley! No subject is off limits.

Inspired by their bottomless bottles of wine, and coffee 😉 Each week, a celebrity/expert guest joins the ladies for a raw, honest, and hilarious look at what life is really like under the bright lights and our new normal. Hormones, heart and real talk! An unexpected friendship between two women, who get life or so they think! Raising our glasses while raising our kids!

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