Long time Chef, food writer, executive caterer and food advocate, Lori McLorn hosts a delicious brand of talk radio in her new show, Chewin’ The Fat.

A veteran of the restaurant industry, Lori brings a culinary cornucopia of tasty topics for both the food professional and the cooking enthusiast. A friend and confidant to many of the local and celebrity chefs and restaurant owners, Lori will have a great opportunity to take an in-depth look at the restaurant culture and the staff that create their signature dishes.

Chewin’ The Fat will highlight Peel’s newest restaurant openings, specialty events and food festivals that make Peel Region a budding foodie destination. The Mindful Kitchen segment will dish out good habits for cooks of every calibre to enjoy a safe and healthy cooking experience.

Interactive and informative, Chewin’ The Fat is an appetizing hour of radio you can really sink your teeth into.

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