Radio Shows

Urban Zoo-2021-11


Each week Urban Zoo host Bill McBain welcomes vets, care-givers, researchers, spiritual leaders, suppliers, enforcement officers, pet-lovers and companions, etc., who share their stories and expertise. There is cuteness, joy, practical advice, expert insight and probing into some uncomfortable and challenging corners of our relationship with animal life.Biped-quadruped, carnivore-herbivore-omnivore-insectivore, invertebrate-vertebrate,…

Marc Patrone Show-2021-11


Weekday afternoons, veteran journalist and former CRTC Commissioner Marc Patrone confirms political, news and business commentary can often be funny, insightful and entertaining. He takes a biting, timely and often-satirical view of our elected officials, uncovering the latter as flawed, misguided and selfishly power-hungry individuals. Marc examines trends by looking…

The Norm-2021-11


After many years on national television as a broadcaster for The Shopping Channel, Norm Murray has turned his attention to the people, events, and news from his own backyard – Peel Region. A Mississauga resident, Norm travels to various happenings across the GTA to find out – what IS “The Norm” in…