Tania Kolar is an author, speaker, mindset coach, and entrepreneur.

Tania has been recognized as a powerful voice on mindset and transformation. Over the past several years, she has successfully coached entrepreneurs and individuals to help them achieve the highest level of personal and professional performance. She believes that with the right mindset, you can have, do, and be anything you truly desire. In her bestselling book, Breaking The Stupid Mold, Tania provides practical step-by-step strategies to uncover negative patterns and limiting beliefs so you can live your best life.

Tania is also President and Founder of Ignite Life Mastery Inc, a global personal development company focused on helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs, organizations, and individuals evolve to the next level of human performance and potential. Through her private coaching, seminars, live events, and online academy, Tania helps awaken the limitless potential that resides within.

A veteran broadcaster, Tania entertained the nation as a long-time former show host at TSC home shopping network, working with top leading and celebrity brands. She was also a guest host at HSN, QVC US, and Ideal World UK and is a current show host and contributor for FiveD.TV.

In addition, Tania is an active youth ambassador, supporter, and community advocate for Peel Children’s Aid Foundation. She is also Chair of Fierce & Fabulous, an annual fundraiser in support of PeelCAF.

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