The Randy Taylor Show

Randy Taylor has been an icon on GTA radio airwaves and television for over 25 years. His message is simple – give people a voice and they will get involved and find the solutions to help make this country better.

His background is anything but typical, having grown up in poverty, violence and parent alcoholism and was homeless and alone at age 14. His working life has resembled something like Forrest Gump. As a teen he began in manual labour, then moved into sales, owned two companies (catering and swimming pools) began his broadcasting career at age 28 and made it to the very top in Canadian Broadcasting. He has driven a racecar, written 3 books, ran for federal politics in 2000 and is a father to five. Randy is also an expert in behavioural neuroscience and founded Taylormadeleadership 21 years ago, coaching, training and speaking to many of the top corporations in Canada.

His interest in politics and our country began at a very young age.
In a recent interview, he said,

“I was very young. My earliest memory of politics was of President Kennedy when he said at his inauguration, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”. I felt moved and was triggered very young to believe great leaders can inspire an entire nation to rise up. His words inspired an entire nation to know they were a part of it.

I’ve never forgotten those words. To this day I still believe we can all rise up and elect the right person to change the trajectory of our country for the better and allow us to one day say, “Do you see that? We made it better”.

Randy now brings his engaging show to Sauga960 AM starting September 11th – weekdays from 9-10am.

Randy Taylor