How to make a “Happy Birthday…”

Four things we learned on ParentsCanada Talk Radio this week.

Laser tag. Pizza place. Bowling. I probably listed more than half of the kids’ birthday parties you’ve been to over the past year.

This week we talked about ways you can make Birthdays Great Again — everything from understanding the “purpose” of a toddler’s party (It’s not really about the toddler) to actually inviting parents to join in.

Four great things from the show…

Connect with your kids’ dreams.
Whether you’ve got a 7-year-old into Minecraft or a teen who loves ziplines — start with what ignites your own kids and build a great experience.

Save the world AND your wallet.
Guest — and professional planner of kids birthday parties — Tanya Todd sees the experiences as something that can happen AT home, saving money instead of renting a space. An outdoor campout can include a scavenger hunt (replacing plastic-heavy goodie bags). 

Make it a place for community.
Make birthday parties into an opportunity to get to know the parents too. Add incentives on the invite like food and drink (just be sure to do so responsibly). 

Think through the etiquette.
Birthday parties have to be THE MOST political thing in the world. Get it right. Communicate if you’re not going to make a part after you’ve RSVP’d. Parents will think the world of you for it.

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