What to do when you don’t see the world the same way your co-parent does

3 things we learned on ParentsCanada Talk Radio.

You have one perspective. They have another one. It’s cause for so much friction in so many parenting relationships. Three ideas from this weeks show to connect, get on the same page and work it out.

01. Have a big conversation.
Planning to have kids? Sit down and talk about your expectations, thoughts, perspectives and approaches. Having this conversation early — or heck, even after you’ve had kids — helps everyone understand what values are important to you, and how you want to use them in your parenting.

02. Support each other.
Our guest for the week talked about the importance of not letting your perspective on your partner become your kids’ perspective on your partner. Remember, you’re constantly modelling. So if you say a dad is “lazy” in front of your kids, they’ll make that part of their narrative.

03. Don’t lose yourself in emotion.
It’s so easy to get into a disagreement and let emotion take over the conversation. Instead of letting emotion drive your decisions, think about your objective when it comes to your child. 

Let’s say your partner wants your child to go to a specific high school, and you don’t feel the same way. Ask whether going to that high school will help or hurt the ultimate objective you have as a parent. (It also helps to have a clear, ultimate objective)!

Learn a whole lot more. Listen to this week’s episode right here.
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